Hinohara village's ancient history footsteps
  revealed by the place names.

    Hinohara village was progressed region
    in Kanto region in Japan more than 1000 years ago.
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guide: Komakitsu Okabe
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  Mysteries about Fujimine Sengen (富士嶺浅間)

Very few people go into the place deep in Fujimine Sengen ridge (富士嶺浅間).

Its location has become important place for not only people in Koiwa and Henbori but people in Hinohara. The place is cherished and protected from ordinary people.

One is because it is the Crista where Prince Tamesada was buried in the Heian era.

The next is because it is the place where Dainichi-nyorai-bosatsu (大日如来菩薩) was enshrined in praying for peace in around 1204 AD by the first lord of Hinohara castle, Hirayama Saumanokami Sueshige (平山左馬ノ守末重). The place was important not only for the people of Hinohara village but for the people of neighbor villages.

Third is becasue there is the mound of descendants of Gen. Shukubeno-Shosho-Takayasu (宿辺の少将高安) who came to live in Hinohara valley in the Nara era.

They can not be examined if there is no understanding of people of Hinihara and Koiwa.

I end this report saying only the reason why people do not enter there.

Because "Fujimine Sengen" (富士嶺浅間) is the place where Prince Tamesada was buried in Heian era, the location is important for the people of Hinohara.

 ・the mountain which is seen from the place was named "Mt. Gozen" (御前山 = the mountain in front of the prince),
 ・"Yukubo" became the entrance to Mt. Gozen,
 ・a stone shrine was buit and named as Gozen Suzu Jinja (御前鑾神社).

And a large flag was erected near the shrine during the festival of the shrine.

They are the story by Mr. Komakitsu Okabe )

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